Granite Millions of years in the making (perfection takes time!)

About Granite

One of the hardest stones, second only to diamonds, granite is an igneous rock created deep within the earth from magma, cooled slowly under great pressure. 

Found virtually all over the world, special characteristics in colouration or veining in granite are often unique to the country of origin, and colours range from almost pure white to brightly exotic to almost solid black. 

Though densely grained, granite may become infused with other minerals during its formation, producing patterned “movement” as well as colour, and providing an endless array of colours and patterns. 

Once limited to stone that was available locally, today’s technology and the discovery of sources of supply worldwide have made granite easily obtainable and much more affordable. Quarries now use innovative techniques, such as diamond cable saws, to cut blocks from the stone mass in hours instead of days. Occasionally assisted by natural separations, the quarry trims the blocks to be transported by truck to a processing plant.

High-speed gang saws and computerized cutting machines cut the block into slabs in a fraction of the time previously required. When the slabs reach the fabricators, veteran craftsmen take advantage of innovative tools and techniques to maximize the natural beauty and produce a finely polished finished product.

Why Choose Granite?

• Naturally beautiful—uniqueness and beauty cannot be duplicated

• Durable—virtual indestructible, stone will not fade or deteriorate over time

• Environmentally kind—natural stone contains no pollutants and is produced with little energy output

• Healthy—granite doesn’t contain chemicals, isn’t combustible, and the minerals in granite are actually toxic to bacteria

• Low maintenance—granite requires little care to keep it looking beautiful and natural

• Wise Investment—granite countertops increase the resale value of a home

• Affordable—technology has reduced production costs, making the price of granite competitive with many manufactured products

Suggested uses: Countertops, flooring, fireplaces, bathroom counters etc.

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